Green Acres Permaculture Village is a small, retrofit, intergenerational intentional community in Bloomington, Indiana that integrates self-knowledge and expression with a shared culture among humans and the living Earth to encourage abundance on every level.

About GAPV

Green Acres Permaculture Village is a small, retrofit intergenerational intentional community carved from within an existing suburban neighborhood in a college town that offers itself as a template for transformation of suburban life. We seek to express our values from the inside out: beginning with the individual (know thyself) to the human and animal commons (communication, sharing and compassion), to our sacred communion with the living Earth, we encourage the expression of Nature’s abundance on every level: food for thought, food for people, food for planet.

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Join Our Community

Are you looking for community and interested in living more sustainably? Do you want to eat produce, wild edibles, and chicken eggs from right outside your door? Do you want a home with close-knit, supportive friends? Do you long for an environment that fosters your creativity and individuality?

Green Acres is looking for a new resident with an interest in permaculture and helping us to build a more self-sustaining ecovillage. While Green Acres has been established for several years, we are rounding the corner into a more intentional community.

Email us at or talk to us at our community dinners!

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Community Dinners

Join us at Green Acres every Thursday evening at 7pm for dinner with friends and neighbors. The dinners are not potlucks, but giftings. However, you are welcome to bring food, drink or a donation, if that works for you. In any case, not necessary! Or maybe your guitar or banjo? In any case, come.

Plus, we have now introduced "offerings" after dinner on occasion. So far, these have included a Feldenkrais class, a talk about the astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A., a knife sharpening skills, and salsa dancing lessons.

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Green Acres Event Announcement: Dowsing Class & Community Dinner Dec. 6th With Lee Barnes

Lee Barnes – Stewardship Dowsing Background

Lee Barnes, (Ph.D. Environmental Horticulture, 1985, UF) has been a professional Water Well Dowser for twenty years locating over 450 well sites in Western North Carolina from Murphy to Boone and east to Raleigh/Middlesex area. He has a better than a 90% success rate with his best drillers, averaging 85-95% rates with a variety of different drilling companies. Lee specializes in Land Stewardship Consulting to aid landowners with more environmentally sensitive land protection and development all over WNC.

Lee has been interested in developing psychic abilities (“sensing the unseen”) since being a teenager and was introduced to the term “dowsing” 25 years ago at the Southeastern Permaculture Gathering. He has taken Basic, Intermediate, and Water Well dowsing at 4 National American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Annual Conferences in Vermont, as well as, at the 2005 British Society of Dowsers Congress in Manchester, England.

He is widely read in dowsing and Intuition techniques and has studied nearly 4000 pages on regional and crystalline bedrock hydrogeology combining experience on a diverse variety of properties with common sense, scientific knowledge, and focused intuition to locate successful water wells even near dry wells. He has been teaching workshops in Applied Intuition for nearly 20 years.

Lee has been active with the Appalachian Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (“Appalachian Dowsers”) for over 20 years serving as President, Vice-President, long term Member-at-Large, and as Tutor of the Introduction to Dowsing classes. He is currently serving as Chapter President.

He is a Life Member in good standing with both the British and American Society of Dowsers, and is a long-term supporter of the Canadian Society of Questers. He has taught dowsing classes over the last 20 years to approximately 1000 people, including intuitive children for many years at the Profound Awareness Institute. He was honored with the 2012 Educator of the Year recognition from the ASD. He coordinated the Dowsing Schools at the Southeastern Dowsing Convention in 2015.