New Life at GANG for 2012

There might be snow on the ground, but the sun is brilliant and reminds us of the life that hides beneath that frozen layer. Green Acres Neighborhood Garden is alive and enlivening for the 2012 growing season.

Last month, Stephanie Partridge assumed direction of the garden for the season, and found two interns to help organize, mobilize, and energize the garden. The first is Sarah Roberts, an undergraduate Environmental Management major at SPEA and the second is Alexandra Buck, a dual Masters student in Nonprofit Management at SPEA (MPA) and Latin American studies (MA).

We had our first meeting on a moonlit night and tromped about the garden to see the

3 new heads, 6 new hands: Sarah (left, in pink), Alexandra (middle, in red), Stephanie (right, in white)

different beds and start imagining how the garden would look, in the day and in the summer. We talked through plans for getting things moving – social networking, community outreach, seeds and donations, and volunteer activities.

So there is life at GANG. And with all of your help – yes, you! – we plan to make this growing season the most lively one yet!

To get involved with GANG – planning, planting, growing, donating, educating, laughing, playing or otherwise – feel free to contact Stephanie directly at

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