Seedlings in, seedlings out, seedlings in and out, in and out . . .

This strange spring had us setting seeds in pots way earlier than usual. At first, it was no big deal, since they were in a winter greenhouse that has lots of sunlight — until, that is, the leaves come out on the trees. Which they did, again, way early.

So Stephanie and Sarah and Alexandra carried all the little seedling trays to the porch, where they’d still get sun. And that worked fine too, until it got colder at night, and started to damage the little squash seedlings.

So I put a sheet over all of them for a couple of nights. And then Stephanie told me to put plastic over them instead (to keep the heat in — DUH! Right!), and that worked okay last night.

But tonight, grrr.  . . it’s already cold and is set to go down to mid-30s. So . . . I put the plastic down on my living room floor and carried them all inside just now. That’s fifteen trips. Then fifteen trips back outside tomorrow. And probably tomorrow night as well. That’s 60 trips altogether in and out during this very strange spring which has us all either scratching our heads or highly aware of global warming/weirding.

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  2. Sandra Zarins

    Living in southern Africa, we are seeing the same head-scratching global weirding but in the opposite direction. Here, our winter season began way-early and has all the locals bewildered. They are now hurridly preparing the soil for quick planting of spinach and rape (a cabbage) in seedlings rather than seeds, realizing they will have to harvest in 3 weeks because by then, as things are going, the weather will be firmly settled into winter….a long winter, it seems.

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