June in the garden

Mighty things are happening…

Today is the full moon

tomorrow is Venus’ travel across the sun

this must mean good cosmic energy!


At GANG the plants are growing strong and we have some new ones to be proud of!


Here we are planting Peppers, Tomatoes and Basil. But this was last month already… you should see them now, especially after the delicious rains today!


First we prepared the beds by weeding a bit…



Then it took a little bit of planning, where to put what…. ImageSteph and Sarah decide…Here and there!


Ok, we got the hole dug and some amendments mixed in with the soil for extra fertility and strength (it’s all natural stuff with different minerals to help the soil be more rich for the plants).

Now Sarah shows off the beautiful tomato plant ready to spread its roots.




And here she is planting it. Go, go, GROW!



Alexandra is equally excited about the pepper plants. Thanks to the Bloomington CHILE WOMAN at the Farmer’s Market, we have 11 different kinds of peppers, including from Peru! This means we can make our sorely missed Peruvian food really authentic now! Come by in a few more months and we’ll share some recipes!




Sarah finished up with watering this bed, a good practice after a fresh planting to get those little babies on their way.



So that is the “Pizza Bed” full of basil, tomatoes and peppers. YUM! These three crops grow really well together and we look forward to many delicious pizzas and more!



Jon helped us out by mulching around a lot of our new and delicate plants. This helps to protect them from the elements, retain moisture and prevent weeds!



We also planted some potatoes. As you can see here, they grow in trenches. As the grow, we take the soil from the pile in the middle and make a mound around the plants, and they keep casting roots as they grow. Eventually there will be some potatoes in there too. Continuing with our Peruvian theme, our potatoes include Peruvian purple potatoes! Never had them? They are REALLY purple!



In this bed we got some cukes and some carrots. As of now they are doing well and going strong. Wish us luck on the carrots, we’ve had difficulty with them in the past because of the clay-like soil here which packs them in too much. Hopefully this year there will be more carrots that survive! And there’s Ann, preparing the beds for the plants, getting rid of those unhelpful weeds.




So that was our May work day, despite the late update. Stay tuned for a photo update on plant growth so far!



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