Solace in Solitude

I went to the GANG early this morning. Like, really early.


Before 8 am.


On a Saturday!


And it was lovely.


Forecast was for hot, hot, humidity but the morning was still fresh and dewy.  The garden was still shaded so the sun didn’t burn down on me, and I did my usual walk through the garden to see how everything was doing.


The cucumbers and carrots are looking strong!

Peppers and basil coming along!

Tomatoes need stakes, they are growing growing gone!


The peas and the beans crawling up the teepee…

And there it was: the first berry on the brambles starting to turn from white to pink.


As I weeded around the perimeter of the teepee

getting rid of encroaching plants and clearing the space for our lovely veggies

I heard the pond, so alive!

I kept turning around, thinking someone was coming up behind me,

only to find….

it must be the frogs!

When I went to wash my hands off in the pond water

I bent down and

there he was!

Staring up at me with his ooogly froggy eyes!

“hello friend!” I said

and he jumped PLOP into the pond.


A wonderful way to start the day.



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