More News about Police Arrests in Green Acres

The November 3 robbery and shooting at 2600 E. DeKist Street has now been joined by another on November 16th, nearby, at 2531 E. 7th Street, where two men were arrested and charged by IU police with marijuana possession and dealing. I couldn’t figure out how to get this story up online, but you can check it in the Police Beat section in the paper version of the H-T for Monday, November 19.

Re: the November 3rd 2600 DeKist robbery and shooting,  On November 15th, this headline in the H-T:

Bloomington Police: 3 Men Arrested, Fourth Sought in Marijuana Robbery

This story references a different robbery than the one in our neighborhood on November 3rd. But the similarity in these crimes led Bloomington police to suspect the same men for the DeKist robbery and shooting as well. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“On Oct. 23, three men told police they had been robbed of their cellphones and cash by four or five black men, wearing dark clothing and bandannas over their faces. They reported hearing a knock at their door on the 200 block of East 16th Street, before the men pushed their way into the residence. They said one of the men was armed with a handgun and ordered the residents to the ground, before taking the phones and cash. Two of the men said their personal stashes of marijuana were taken in the robbery, Parker said.

“They also told officers that a pizza had been delivered after the robbery. They ate the pizza before calling police.

“Detectives have uncovered information about other suspects in recent armed robberies of marijuana during their investigation of another robbery on Nov. 3, Parker said.

On Nov. 3, 25-year-old Joshua David Huber, of Cloverdale, died from a single gunshot to the right side of his chest at 2600 E. Dekist St. People in the house told police that five black men, wearing bandannas over their faces and hooded clothing, entered the home and demanded drugs and money.

“During the Dekist Street investigation, police re-interviewed the three men who reported they had been robbed on Oct. 23. They said that a larger amount of marijuana was actually at the residence than they initially reported to police, Parker said. And another person told detectives he told the four robbery suspects about a residence where they could find a large quantity of marijuana.”

Ann K. personal opinion: Isn’t it about time for the state of Indiana to sponsor its own law to legalize marijuana? So many of society’s ills would be erased or transformed with this single change in the culture. Make it legal and tax it!

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  1. Mary

    I don’t see anything listed in the Police Beat in the H-T that sounds like it corresponds to the Nov. 16th incident. I don’t have a subscription, so I can’t access any of the articles anyway. It sounds like the three men were arrested for the E. Washington robbery on Nov. 15, BEFORE the second incident in our neighborhood. Does anything in the H-T address that point?

    • Ann Kreilkamp

      Yes, the people arrested on E. 7th are not the same as as those arrested for another robbery and also suspected for the E. DeKist crimes. The point is, drug arrests are still happening in our neighborhood!

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