May 27, 2014: We launch the “Uncanny Project” — repurposing cans to raise money


May 27, 2014. Rebekka poses with part of our first Green Acres “Uncanny” Project harvest. YES!

Written by Rebekka, with input from Rebecca, Georgia, and Ann.

On Thursday (May 22), Tuesday (May 27) and Wednesday (May 28) four of the Green Acres Neighborhood women piloted the first efforts toward the UnCanny Village Project. On Thursday, Rebecca and Rebekka went door to door along Hillsdale, Overview and 5th Street to inform neighbors of the project and to ask them for their cans to be picked up the following Tuesday. Unfortunately, most people weren’t home that evening. The women spoke to 5 neighbors, who were all interested and willing to donate their cans.

Meanwhile, Georgia had done the same thing on Hillsdale between 3rd and 5th, and 4th street, and nine neighbors were willing to participate.

The following Tuesday, Ann and Rebekka drove around the block to pick up two bags of cans. (Did the others forget?)

Also, on May 22, Georgia went around the block of 4th Street, Hillsdale and 3rd Street. Of the nine neighbors, only one remembered? On Wednesday morning, before the recycling trucks arrived, Georgia did pick up one box of cans.

Since we don’t have many cans yet, we’re going to hold them until we get enough to make a trip down to the Salvage and Recycling Center, where they will be weighed and exchanged for money — currently 53 cents per pound (34 cans = one pound). Profits will go toward programs for GANA (this neighborhood association) GANG (our first neighborhood garden) and GANE (our forming ecovillage).

In conclusion, while our first efforts led only to small outcomes, we realize that every big project has to begin somewhere. All participating women are motivated and encouraged to try again next recycling week. Next time, we will bring paper handouts including the three websites for further information. If you’re interested in helping out to spread the word about GANA, GANG, and GANE, plus raise money for our beautiful neighborhood, look out for the next email stating the place and time for our next meeting regarding the UnCanny Project.


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