Bi-Weekly Uncanny Project Report: Progress! (and a personal confession)

Georgia collects Rebekka's bags to add to her own for the Uncanny Project's first trip to recycling center, July 12, 2014. Mark the day!

Georgia collects the bags Rebekka collected to the ones she collected for the Uncanny Project’s first trip to J.B. Salvage, July 12, 2014. Mark the day!

Well, well, after three times going out and around, Georgia and Rebekka, the two chief instigators of the Uncanny Project, are finally making some headway with this start-up project to collect aluminum cans from neighbors to take to J.B. Salvage in exchange for cash which will in turn help fund GANA, GANE and GANG projects. YES!

Georgia:  It was fun taking the cans to JB Salvage. Our cans totaled 13 lbs for a total of 6.89 + $1.00 for the small piece of copper pipe for a grand total of $7.89. We’re on our way!


Rebekka: Well, I guess that’s a good start, right? I think we should really start thinking about getting block captains set up. Possibly at the next meeting we could discuss further?


Georgia: That’s a great Idea. I’ll send some info later today about Block Captains. I tried once before and I didn’t do so well so we have to be very diligent this time.

Oops! True Confession time:  I, Ann Kreilkamp, a member of the Green Acres Neighborhood Association, (GANA) Ecovillage (GANE), and Garden (GANG), was the culprit who poo-pooed the idea of Block Captains to the group when Georgia first proposed it a number of years ago. Now I realize it’s obviously a GREAT IDEA, especially when initially fueled by the Uncanny Project.

Mea culpa!


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