Summertime, and the livin’ IS easy!

It has been two years since I put up a blogpost on the Green Acres site, which, if you notice, has now combined the former three sites (GANA, GANG, and GANE) into one, with a new name, Green Acres Village.

The Green Acres Neighborhood Garden facebook page has been active during these two years. It too is going to change. We are going to retitle it Green Acres Urban Farm, to reflect the evolutionary dynamic that this place presents.

Also, there are many posts, usually with the word LOCAL in all caps on my very active site, most of them referring to life in Green Acres in some way or other.

Meanwhile, this afternoon I took some pics of the garden which is going crazy with life. YES!


Cabbages, growing gigantic on side of hugelkulture bed.



Oh wow! Look center right. The very first ripe blackberry, which I promptly snatched. YES!



One end of the original “pond,” ahem, newly renamed “wetland.” Notice the wild berries.



Other end of “pond.” Too bad the sky is too grey for the purple blooms to really show up.



Notice the tiny red/purple flower. Brie’s Mom planted that a few weeks ago. Then, just today, Brie’s Dad was here and placed another of his wonderful little sculptures (to left of sign) sautered with silverware found at a garage sale. “I’m still experimenting,” He told me. “Yes,” I responded, “aren’t we all?”



Pot of herbs on steps to porch.



Bee balm. See the bee? Slightly left of center.



Tools of the trade . . .

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