This morning, I organize a work party and check results of another one. . .

Coming home from walk with puppy Shadow I run into Logan, our new neighbor across the street. He is available for the short work party I’m organizing for Sunday evening to re-arrange the logs down in my front yard to create one long hugelkultur bed and a neat pile of logs to be cut for firewood.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.52.48 AM

Then we discussed all the mulch piles, to which his family will be adding to and subtracting, along with the rest of us, as various trees are cut down (all about 50 years old, all fast-growing, and planted about the same time in this neighborhood . . .), and other trees need mulching.

Dan’s also available for the work party. Need a few more strong arms to make it really easy, besides being fun. Sent a message to the neighborhood list-serve.

Then, I ran into Brie and Rebecca, who are moving stuff from one place to another. Rebecca called out:

LOCAL: “Hey Ann! Go take a picture of what’s on the counter.”

Check it out!



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