Community Dinner, February 1, 2017: Fun, Frolic, Joy!

Let’s face it. We’re all here for the kids. The kids infuse new lifeblood into our human family; they present the good news of ongoing beautiful innocence. Last night’s gathering, 18 neighbors and friends, included four dogs and four kids! Not just Juakim and Asiri (neighbor regulars, with their mom Mariella), but Arvid and Fatima (with their folks, Enabah and Adam, who live just up the street). Arvid is four, Juakim five, so he can play big brother.

The meal itself was the usual scrumptuous affair, ending with pears soaked in mead made by Dan, and served with ice cream.


I have a feeling that Juakim and Asiri headed straight for the ice cream . . .

Meanwhile, the big event of the evening was the song and dance fest ignited by Logan on his guitar and singing. Soon Arvid and Fatima joined in, with Juakim videotaping! He actually managed to capture the spirit of that hilarity. (See the very end of this post.)

Joyous songster Logan, by the way, is the very same person who also makes collages straight from the disturbed collective unconscious, two of which I featured in yesterday’s post on Collages that I both love and hate. As does he. Logan tells me that it’s when he’s feeling most furious about the horrendous state of the larger world that he makes his collages, and by the time he’s done with one, the emotion that was driving him is spent. YES! Let us transmute our difficult feelings into creativity, rather than unconsciously project them out onto one another.

Speaking of creativity, here’s the latest repurposing by Rebecca: notice her pockets? they are the shoulder pads from a shirt that she got a Goodwill. YES!

My housemates Brie and Dan on duty. Dan affecting a suave, cunning look.

Okay, finally, here’s the promised homemade video, by Juakim, capturing Fatima’s interaction with Logan.

I’m still laughing.



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