Seeds are the New Currency!

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Green Acres Village: “Seeds are the new currency!”

This morning I was sitting in my fabulous crone chair when housemate Dan walked in the kitchen from outside. He’d been turning the compost. Says that “for the first time this winter, it’s now steaming!” I asked him why. “I think it’s because I switched from adding manure to adding leaves. The manure just decomposes too quickly.”

Meanwhile, I walked over to the DeKist house this morning, to photograph a seed sharing party in progress.

That’s Rebecca, Brie, Ari, Bryn, and Duncan, left to right. Bryn’s holding what I thought at first was dollar bills, but then discovered they were seed packets. That’s when she laughed, said that seeds are the new currency!

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Brie, the co-founders of our CSA in 2016, are going to be working with Bryn and Duncan on a joint project to cooperatively farm a 5000 square plot on Duncan’s mother’s rural land, about 20 minutes away. Permaculture spreads slowly, like mycelium, knitting us to each other and to the earth. We live and work under the radar of the unraveling cultural chaos to regenerate land, hearts, the soul of this beautiful world.

BTW: here’s the book that Rebecca says was her Bible when she started as an organic farmer, back in the early ’90s.

Rebecca’s going to get me a list of experienced organic farmers in this area that might be available to help young permaculture graduates move from theoretical knowledge of how systems work to the actual hands’ on experience needed to do permaculture. First, we’ll need to bring these farmers up to speed with permaculture. But as Rebecca states, it’s much easier for an organic farmer to pick up the systems thinking of permaculture than it is for a new permaculture graduate to gather the detailed seasoning and experience that comes from farming organically over many years.


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