Community Life, February 7-9, 2017: Village Event at Public Library, Community Dinner with fancy clothes, making mead!

This week was jammed packed with community events.

February 7

First and foremost, on Tuesday, for a very receptive audience of 40-45 people, our Evolution of Green Acres Village PP presentation with my commentary plus Q&A  at the public library auditorium downtown. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pics of the presentation itself, but here’s one of the Q&A afterwards.

That’s Jelene, on the left, a neighbor from Eastgate Lane who has held several spring Green Acres plant shares in years past and attends our Community Dinners, plus Green Acres villagers Brie and Ari, Kat (who used to live here), and Rebecca.

The entire presentation was filmed by CATS (Community Access Television), and I need to fill out a form and pay $10 to request a digital copy or DVD. Then it will take about a week. Meanwhile, I am so grateful for this city service that films not only government meetings, but community events!

February 8

Our regular Wednesday evening Community Dinner —

— attracted about two dozen people, three of whom I have never met before. Two were dressed extravagantly!

Here’s Joe, who says he’s in Bloomington to help spread peace, with meditation, chanting and Kirtan. Would have liked to talk with him longer. Hope he returns next week!

And here’s Sarah, whose coat I told her I wanted to steal. She’s Kat’s friend, and is very knowledgeable about herbs.

February 9:

Yesterday evening Dan, our resident alchemist, decided to start the process of fermenting the mead (honey wine), taking up a collection from all the villagers for two half gallons of local honey ($67) to get it going. With Ari stirring, Dan gradually poured the honey onto the fruit (apples and pears). This “primary fermentation” will take about two weeks, he says, until the mold covers the fruit enough and the bubbling dies down. Then comes the second fermentation process, where he decants it into a giant glass jar, and it sits for at least six months. Homemade Mead Party for Halloween?

Logan’s guitar songs wound into the stirring.

Darn! Forgot to take pictures of the clean-up party for the Overhill back yard this morning, and the compost forking this afternoon.


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