PHOTO ESSAY, Village Life: February 14-18

Here we are, supposedly still in the “dead of winter,” but the ground is already waking up, crocuses pushing through, birds returning, and juices flowing in all directions. Global warming?


On Tuesday morning, Ari, Brie and Rebecca worked in the new greenhouse, planting seedlings into “soil blocks.”

We made the soil blocks from Eliot Coleman’s recipe from The New Organic Grower (includes peat, sand (perlite), compost, soil, lime, and base fertilizer (we used worm castings)). This recipe concentrates nutrients so powerfully that the plant shouldn’t ever need more amendments. An excellent jump start for seedlings!


Here’s a view of our newly repurposed garage into greenhouse (and bunk room) from behind.

And here’s what the completed project looks like. We will be both transplanting seedlings and offering some for sale, once they grow up enough.


Our usual, weekly community dinner. That’s Evan, on the left. You already know Ari, but how about her reptile, Orin?


Rebecca and Brie broadcast seeds,  including peas, not sure what else, into one of the long beds. Given that they are lying on top of the soil, it’s important that we put a thin layer of mulch on them, which Dan promised to do on Friday.

Meanwhile, that evening, our first pod (two house) meeting in many many months (We kept trying, and outside work schedules kept interferring). And the very first meeting for Logan (third from left), our newbie. And I must tell you, this was the first time where I felt we have graduated from inspiring a village “atmosphere” to embodying a village “culture.”

Why do I say that? Not sure. But I do know that for the first time I could feel all the long-term members stepping up to the plate in their own highly energized and original ways. An extremely productive and creative meeting, with everybody volunteering for appropriate roles in whatever tasks and celebrations (including Equinox!) lie ahead. PLUS. And this is HUGE. Ari, Brie and Dan are now all three fully vested in seeing their own individual value-added food-and-home-based businesses get started and grow. Stay tuned!

Already we have all sorts of short and long-term ferments starting, thanks to Dan, including mead, kim chi, cabbage and beet slaws, various others. “Green Acres Alchemy” is bubbling up from below.


On Friday morning, both Brie and Dan went out to Brin and Duncan’s place outside town to help mulch their garden which we are jointly farming. When they came back, yes, they did as Dan promised, spreading a thin layer of crushed leaves on those broadcast seeds so that the returning birds wouldn’t be tempted. Logan joined them.

Meanwhile, our dear Ari, 20 years old, decided to put up a hammock on the front lawn. And yes, she was the one who gave the finger at the pod meeting. Check above. There’s always one . . .




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