Community Dinner, March 1: Featuring Dreams, Music — and Gurgling Mead!

Last night’s Community Dinner drew an intimate crowd, and, from what I heard this morning, the music lasted until 2 A.M.! The meal, hearty and good — an interesting rice dish, equally interesting lentil dish, organic chicken, quiche, four types of ferments, smashed brussel sprouts, other sundries — was finished in a flash.

One interesting tidbit from dinner: two people there have had recent chicken dreams! Plus, in one of these dreams, the dreamer (who shall remain anonymous) was supposed to learn a foreign language; and when he went to class, all the others present were ducks, quack quack quacking away. This broke us all up in laughter.

A while later the music began, with troubador Logan instructing Ari on the intricacies of playing the mandolin.

Kat and Aaron sat off to the side, and agreed to pose.

As usual, I saved the best for last. This time it’s a tiny movie I shot a few days earlier, after being urged by our fermenting genius Dan to check out the mead. It’s gurgling madly, even though it was made with wild yeast. (I guess most people can’t get it to gurgle with wild yeast?) Check it out! Unfortunately, don’t know how to upload it here, but you can download it to watch. Only runs for a few seconds, but look closely!



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