Final Community Dinner of Spring Semester, May 10, 2017: Seafood paella, fire, music!

It looked like rain, so we decided to hold the feast inside, including seafood paella, by podmate Logan’s visiting girlfriend Stefania, who hails from Spain.

Just prior to dinner, Mariella decided to do a little video, “for my friends,” she said, “who wonder why I talk about Green Acres Village.” Her project caught me, for one, by surprise. My distaste for the camera at that moment is obvious here. Not sure why I felt that way. And I’ve never seen myself feel that way — from the outside. WOW!

Anyway, here it is, our first village video, uploaded to youtube:

There were so many of us, and we were all restless and hot, wanting to be outside, and it didn’t seem like rain after all . . . Evan decided to make a fire in the fire pit. That got us going. Within minutes we were all, including four dogs, sitting on the patio.

Tim is obviously a dog magnet.

So is Evan. While Logan began the singing and thrumming — all original songs, by the way — my Shadow was about to hop onto Evan’s lap.

Yup! (See them both, slightly right of center.)

Meanwhile, Mariella’s son Juakim decided to play . . . what? Darth Vader?


Juakim is being mentored by Eva’s teenage son Andrew. Hmmmm. . .

Soon, darkness stole in.


And it was Bryn’s turn to sing and play — again, as with Logan, original songs, some hilarious, others wrenched from the painful journeys of truly human beings.



I can’t emphasize enough how wonderfully musical and authentic — even, at times, breathtaking! — I find the compositions and renditions of both of them. Hopefully, we’ll be soon videotaping their spontaneous performances, to put up here on the Green Acres Village website, under a new category: ART, which will also include poetry, drawings, painting, sculpture. You name it! We got it. Just like all people’s the world over, our creativity, once unleashed, is protean.

The music lasted into the night, wafting out of the darkness through my open bedroom windows, lulling me to sleep.


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