GAV news, first week June: Bamboo! amidst garden abundance

June begins and we’re already way too stocked with garden goodness.

Meanwhile, we’ve been wanting to construct a bamboo latticework fence for the front yard of the second DeKist house, to discourage deer from the pepper plants. (Deer once ate 1000 pepper plants at Rebecca’s farm overnight!). Meanwhile, have ordered some remay to cover the peppers until we can get that fence built.

So, the first step was one week ago, for our weekly work party. We were able to get bamboo from the house across the street on Overhill. Not only that, but the little boy who lives there with his sister and parents wanted to help us. Here goes, a photo shoot of that evening. Dan chose and cut the stalks,

then gave them to Nolan.

 who carried them down the street,

and onto the pile with the others.

Meanwhile, here are the posts we put up to hold the stalks running horizontally and slanted up and down.

But we now realize that the posts are too far apart, and so are now looking for another source of bamboo that has huge thick strong stalks to be stood upright half way between the posts. I think I’ve found a source, and am awaiting the address.

Meanwhile, here are the stalks, piled up with their branches stripped. Nice and straight, but not enough of them yet.

Then, Saturday, neighbor Jelene and I participated in the annual Blooming Neighborhoods event, along with 27 other neighborhoods, tabling in the courtyard of City Hall next to the Farmer’s market.

Kat, who led the Green Acres Sign Saga, stopped by;

as did neighbor Mariella.

We gave away kale, cabbage and tomato starts to all who wanted them.

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