GAV news, August 3, 2017: work party, and more — weeding, bamboo fence, bathroom fix, piano, tomatillos!

Well, Tuesday evening, our regular Tuesday 6-7 p.m. work party, had four of us doing tasks garden master Rebecca assigned, including finally getting further along on the promised bamboo fence.

Mighty Dan digs a post hole.


Rebecca rules!

Meanwhile, Sam finished up work on the bathroom of the third house, which is (finally!) due to be occupied starting August 7.

And then came out to join us.

Yesterday evening, Rebecca and I met with the three beautiful young men who will be moving in to the third house: John and his friends Dario (from Cuba) and Andreas (from Cyprus!). They are all new doctoral students in Music at IU. And they want to get that old piano, stored in the decrepit garage now being turned into a recreational commons, back in that third house. John sat down and played it;  sounds good!

Wish I had taken a picture of the five of us last night. Was fun, getting to know each other a bit. Then I came back and found Dan and Logan in the kitchen, music throbbing throughout the house, Dan working on cabbage kraut for their long-planned road-trip, busking along the way with guitar and banjo, to the west coast and back. Forgot to take a picture of that scene either, but here’s the finished product.


Meanwhile, also yesterday, Dan came in with a basket of hot peppers and tomatillos. He plans on making a salsa out of both.


Dan informs me that the tomatillo is the most ancient fruit known that has not been tampered with by human breeding. Hmmm. I wondered out loud, does that make it the fruit of immortality?

Check this out!

A 52.2 million-year-old tomatillo fossil . . .

The 52.2-million-year-old tomatillo was discovered at the fossil-rich Laguna del Hunco, Argentina, where ancient lakebeds interlayer with volcanic ashes, providing paleontologists with precisely dated discoveries. (Minerals in the ash pin down the rock ages.)


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