Monday through Saturday, mid-April: Spring has sprung, finally!

Spring may be late in Indiana, but somehow, this week, both the plants and the people got going.

About time! The greenhouse ready to give up its seedlings.

So, at Monday morning work party, lots of moving stuff around. BTW: Christina (below) tried to come with her partner Payton again for this morning’s Saturday work party, but their car wouldn’t start . . .


On Tuesday (?) Solan (Nathan) and Dan planted all the brassicas.


I went out there again this morning, to see how their plants had fared after last night’s heavy rain. All intact.

This morning I also checked on the condition of the 60 flowering annuals that I planted yesterday (on sale at Lowe’s) in the two big mounds out front. All okay, too.

Also this morning, Solan and Dario replanted tomato seedlings into bigger pots.

Finally, not sure when, but a little roof went up to help shelter the new chicks, to arrive any day. See it? Beyond what will again be the tomato patch, on the side of the chicken coop.

We’ve got three hens now, will get seven chicks. Aggie, next door neighbor, wonders if it’s okay to toss scraps to them over the fence. Yes, just don’t give them citrus, onions or garlic. She and I talked about letting the chickens out into her back yard to eat bugs. She would watch so they wouldn’t wander into the street. I told Rebecca about the idea, and she suggested a chicken tractor instead. So that’s on the list, joining all sorts of other small construction projects.

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