Second and Third Community Dinners of 2019

We needed a break during the holidays; many of us were hibernating and some of us were traveling, and, after all, it was deep winter, when the Sun reaches its nadir in the northern hemisphere and everything is supposed to come to a stop — except that it’s Christmas in the western world, and the opposite occurs . . . So, somehow navigating that contradiction, we return, with gusto! The first weekly dinner of 2019 was held at Overhill, on January 10, the second at DeKist 2, our newest dwelling, on January 17th, and the second one at DeKist 1 (otherwise known as Maple House), on January 24th. Here goes,  photos, of the second and third dinners:

Dinner at DeKist 2, January 17, 2019

Left to right, Mariella about to head out the door, Alex, Dan, Wanda

Dear friends Mariella and Eva

Visible: Wanda, Devin, Rebecca, Solan

Mariella’s kids Asiri and Juakim, with Roberto and Mariella

Visible: Solan, Sophia, with Sola

Wanda, her sister Sophie, and Devin

Alex, Dan, Wanda, Justin in kitchen, Sophie, Devin, Solan

One very sudden and surprising note: On the Sunday after our Dinner, beautiful, gentle, gracious Sola, the large white “Doodle” shown above, after only twice accompanying his owner Roberto, suddenly died. A difficult death, with vomiting and I’m not sure what else. In any case, they did a post-morten, and the diagnosis was sudden onset (I presume) Addison’s Disease. So sad, and we are glad that we did get one photo of the full Sola presence:

Sola, communing with Sophia, Wanda Rebecca and Dan in background, Annie front right.

Note also above: the fake fire coming from the screen. As somebody mentioned: it’s surprising how it warms us, anyhow!


Dinner at DeKist 1, January 24, 2019

The three houses of the Green Acres Permaculture Village offer three different ambiances. That at DeKist 1 tends to be warm and cozy, since it’s public space is the smallest.

Hugh, in yellow jacket, arrived bearing news: He has ordered 600 young trees, to arrive in Bloomington not sure when, but we’d better get ready for our Green Acres Neighbors to know about this gift! Annie notes it on her phone. Gabby in back, Dan to right with puppy Shadow, and Jim, a friend of Alex, with us for the first time.


Rebecca, with Dan and Wanda. Note all the wine! Much more than usual.

Dan with Sophie, Wanda’s sister. Sophie is due to return to Canada for part of the year soon. We’ll miss her!

Max, Rebecca’s Maine coon cat, decided to lie down in the very middle of the traffic pattern between kitchen and living room. We all know, and furthermore, all the dogs know: Max rules!

Alex, with Shadow and Dan

I couldn’t resist taking pics of some of Mia’s astonishing tattoos, truly an art form on her. She tells us that the Indianapolis woman who does them adheres exactly to Mia’s specifications, with each one taking only one to two hours!


Here’s what Mia (Hugh’s partner) actually looks like, here  with Devin and Wanda.

Quite an evening. As usual.

Next Thursday? Probably here, at the Overhill House — or should we call it Tulip Tree, or Cedar — both of which grow out front. Our problem with renaming the DeKist 2 house, there are no real trees in that front yard. The renaming idea is Solan’s — a good one, except for times when strangers don’t know what we mean and so translation needed. Oh well! We keep experimenting, keep learning, keep growing, through thick and thin.


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