Thursday Work Party, May 9 [Photo Set]

Last Thursday’s work party began early, with Rebecca calling on all pod-mates to be present for a meeting before beginning the myriad tasks that have sprouted up along with the spring weeds!


L to R: Dan and visiting friend, Maynard — busy weeding and prepping beds in the back garden. This is where all the tomato plants went in last season.

Our tasks this morning included planting this year’s tomatoes in the main garden, which we started from seed back in January! I’m excited to see so many varieties go in the ground. My grandparents used to plant about this many in their own garden!

I’ve dreamt all winter about the flavor of organic, homegrown tomatoes.


Ann snapped this while I was removing maple tree whirligigs that had begun to sprout in our plant starts. I was talking about something but I don’t remember what now.  It’s not important because TOMATOES! In fact, I took 4 plants with me [and some cucumber seeds] to plant in additional beds where I’m house sitting for several months. [Did I mention I love tomatoes?]


In the greenhouse the previous day, I’d come by to pot up some of the native trees left over from the Tree Planting Project, which will be given away once we start selling plants, to whomever wishes to give them a good home. First come, first served! 2 White Pine, 1 Hazelnut, 2 single Paw Paw and larger pots with 3 Paw Paw in each.


Meanwhile, in the main garden, Andreas and Rebecca weed and prep the beds for the tomatoes — in the background is Justin, planting tomatoes in another bed.


L to R: Alex mulches after Justin plants tomatoes in the first bed.

Some interesting fungus among us — in the lettuce and spinach bed.


Ann takes the trimmings from last week to the Hügelkultur beds behind DeKist 2 house.


Rebecca and Alex started wheatgrass in the greenhouse. Looks lush and amazing now!

Part of our meeting that morning included discussion of tasks that needed to be done as we walked around all the gardens. We have scheduled a second work party every week to keep up with the spring overgrowth and weeding. Stay tuned for more Thursday and now Monday work party posts. Tis the season…!

Love and rocket stoves,
[and tomatoes]


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