April 19-24, 2022: Hilarious Discovery at Community Dinner, plus Garden Plantings and Pallets

Before this typically delicious Community Dinner, Thursday evening, Dan (facing the camera) — who lived here for five years, and my trek-mate for Easter Sunday’s outing, where he took photos of an entire list of what are called “ephemerals” (short-lived spring perennials) — sprung a surprise on the smallish group that had gathered for our weekly meal. “We need to go outside and see the trillium and bluebells, right in the Overhill front yard!” WHAT!




These are two of the same perennials we found on a path in the woods around Yellowwood Lake, probably 25 miles away. They’ve never sprung up here at home in all my 18 years in the midwest.


Above, one more bluebell, hard to see, at center bottom of the leaves. (Wait a minute. Is that really a bluebell? Or is the other one, with no leaves showing, not a bluebell? Or does the bluebell flower come up before the leaves? Confused.)

Our work parties this week mostly focused on planting seedlings grown in the greenhouse. Our two rotating, worm-composting patio Garden Towers, planted last week with lettuce, got their compost tubes refreshed, with Marita doing the hard part: pulling out the compost made in them last year, and then washing off the trays and drawers.

The next day, I put new table scraps and newspaper strips plus worms from our worm gardens in the empty tubes to get the tower composting system going again. We have yet to decidde what to plant in the tops of these towers.

Joseph, Daniel and Aya focused on the main garden, planting bok choi on Tuesday, kale on Friday.

Notice the compost area in the background. Very productive (thanks, Marita!) but gross, falling apart, and right by the main garden gate (which itself needs to be fixed). We’re going to move the compost area to the back of the third house, and put a table inside the main gate, to hold extra vegetables we grow, to sell or donate to people who walk by. Probably put a chair or two out there as well, for a little neighborhood sitting area.

On Tuesday, Aya and I took her partner’s aging truck out to get ten new wooden pallets to make the compost bins, from the warehouse where Garden Towers are stored before being shipped out. (Damn. Forgot to bring my camera, as it’s a fascinating place. BTW: My son Colin Cudmore is the GT inventor.)

The arugula, planted two weeks ago? —  is finally sprouting. YES! Daniel is thrilled, says he’s been checking that bed daily, giving the seeds love, love, love. 


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