Asiri’s Birthday takes over Spring Equinox Ceremony!

We had billed Thursday’s Community Dinner as the evening we would also celebrate the Spring Equinox, even though it actually took place on March 20, two days prior. To that end we had wood set in the fire pit outside, and planned on a short, spontaneous ceremony. But, then Asiri’s birthday party entered the mix. Mariella asked that we give her a surprise birthday party, complete with magnificent cake, candles and birthday song — oh yes, and balloons . . . Here they are, on the way over, with Mariella.


In order to surprise her daughter, she had to plan carefully, bringing the glorious birthcake, candles, and balloons early. Her Mom Marissa, visiting from New Jersey, would walk over with the kids. Aha. Here they come! Sing!

Next, hugs! From Ann and Kat . . .

Meanwhile, across-the-street neighbor Carissa had arrived with son Wyatt for the first time in months! Told us that our Community Dinners conflicted with his bedtime, which is why they hadn’t been with us. But this time, she stayed awhile anyway.

Marissa took one look at the baby,

and of course, had to hold him!

Okay, time to go back to Mom. About this time, dinner was served, with plenty and variety for all. Would we have room for that fabulous cake?

Mariella got the cake (filled in part with frozen yogurt) out of the freezer,

and lit the candles.

Time to blow them out and sing happy birthday again!

After all the festivities were over —and a bunch of us were sitting around drinking John’s fabulous jaegermeister, infused with 56 herbs and so delicious I was astonished — someone asked me, what about Spring Equinox. Are we going to do a ceremony? Hmmm. It seemed like Asiri’s birthday has taken precedence, and besides, Equinox was actually two days ago, I replied. However, I added, we can light a fire outside if we want to!

Apparently jaegermeister had immobilized everyone, cuz nobody made a move.

However, when Kathy then asked what we would have done, had we held a ceremony I replied that my own way of seeing spring equinox is that it’s when each of us must hold in balance, for a split second, both the dark (winter) and light (spring) parts of ourselves. That hopefully we have worked with our own shadows (the parts of ourselves we don’t like much) over the winter and integrated them to the point where we can go forth now into the increasing light. . . Hmmmm.

Later, I laughed, telling Dan that instead of a ceremony we held a meta-ceremony, telling what we would have done had we done one.

In any case, the evening went very well, as you can see from the look on Alex’s face. Another Thursday Community Dinner down!



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