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This morning, I organize a work party and check results of another one. . .

Coming home from walk with puppy Shadow I run into Logan, our new neighbor across the street. He is available for the short work party I’m organizing for Sunday evening to re-arrange the logs down in my front yard to create one long hugelkultur bed and a neat pile of logs to be cut for firewood.

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Food Preservation 101: canning and drying

Yesterday evening, three young podmates joined Rebecca in what is for now a regular weekly event during harvest season: preserving extra food from the garden. In this case, drying squash and canning tomatoes. Though we also freeze extra produce, in our two large freezers. — A.K.

LOCAL PHOTOS: food preservation night in our Green Acres Village pod

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First Community Dinner of season, Dan’s new kraut, and Puller Bear feat

Last night’s first weekly Community Dinner for the Fall Semester 2016 flushed out 15 people, of many different ages, all neighbors plus step mom Leslie of new podmate Arielle.

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We begin to spread the word about Green Acres Village

Part of our work during this extraordinary End of Days of the old rapacious capitalist civilization, is to seed new templates, islands of sanity and abundance, in the midst of cultural breakdown and scarcity.

From September 14 through 18th I will be in California, at the North American Permaculture Convergence, to learn more about our islands of permaculture community with others, and to give a workshop.

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