Green Acres Permaculture Village is a small, retrofit, intergenerational intentional community in Bloomington, Indiana that integrates self-knowledge and expression with a shared culture among humans and the living Earth to encourage abundance on every level.

About GAPV

Green Acres Permaculture Village is a small, retrofit intergenerational intentional community carved from within an existing suburban neighborhood in a college town that offers itself as a template for transformation of suburban life. We seek to express our values from the inside out: beginning with the individual (know thyself) to the human and animal commons (communication, sharing and compassion), to our sacred communion with the living Earth, we encourage the expression of Nature’s abundance on every level: food for thought, food for people, food for planet.

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Join Our Community

Are you looking for community and interested in living more sustainably? Do you want to eat produce, wild edibles, and chicken eggs from right outside your door? Do you want a home with close-knit, supportive friends? Do you long for an environment that fosters your creativity and individuality?

Green Acres is looking for a new resident with an interest in permaculture and helping us to build a more self-sustaining ecovillage. While Green Acres has been established for several years, we are rounding the corner into a more intentional community.

Email us at or talk to us at our community dinners!

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Community Dinners

Join us at Green Acres every Thursday evening at 7pm for dinner with friends and neighbors. The dinners are not potlucks, but giftings. However, you are welcome to bring food, drink or a donation, if that works for you. In any case, not necessary! Or maybe your guitar or banjo? In any case, come.

Plus, we have now introduced "offerings" after dinner on occasion. So far, these have included a Feldenkrais class, a talk about the astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A., a knife sharpening skills, and salsa dancing lessons.

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Garden Party! June 23rd


Green Acres Neighborhood Garden is holding its annual summer garden party and everyone’s invited! We’ll be celebrating the joys of gardening in such a wonderful community while indulging in tasty garden treats and friendly libations. Don’t forget about the Children’s art hour at 2pm where we’ll be painting and making charms to invite the fairies in!


2 pm: Children’s Hour

6 pm: Garden Party

Solace in Solitude

I went to the GANG early this morning. Like, really early.


Before 8 am.


On a Saturday!


And it was lovely.


Forecast was for hot, hot, humidity but the morning was still fresh and dewy.  The garden was still shaded so the sun didn’t burn down on me, and I did my usual walk through the garden to see how everything was doing.


The cucumbers and carrots are looking strong!

Peppers and basil coming along!

Tomatoes need stakes, they are growing growing gone!


The peas and the beans crawling up the teepee…

And there it was: the first berry on the brambles starting to turn from white to pink.


As I weeded around the perimeter of the teepee

getting rid of encroaching plants and clearing the space for our lovely veggies

I heard the pond, so alive!

I kept turning around, thinking someone was coming up behind me,

only to find….

it must be the frogs!

When I went to wash my hands off in the pond water

I bent down and

there he was!

Staring up at me with his ooogly froggy eyes!

“hello friend!” I said

and he jumped PLOP into the pond.


A wonderful way to start the day.



June in the garden

Mighty things are happening…

Today is the full moon

tomorrow is Venus’ travel across the sun

this must mean good cosmic energy!


At GANG the plants are growing strong and we have some new ones to be proud of!


Here we are planting Peppers, Tomatoes and Basil. But this was last month already… you should see them now, especially after the delicious rains today!


First we prepared the beds by weeding a bit…



Then it took a little bit of planning, where to put what…. ImageSteph and Sarah decide…Here and there!


Ok, we got the hole dug and some amendments mixed in with the soil for extra fertility and strength (it’s all natural stuff with different minerals to help the soil be more rich for the plants).

Now Sarah shows off the beautiful tomato plant ready to spread its roots.




And here she is planting it. Go, go, GROW!



Alexandra is equally excited about the pepper plants. Thanks to the Bloomington CHILE WOMAN at the Farmer’s Market, we have 11 different kinds of peppers, including from Peru! This means we can make our sorely missed Peruvian food really authentic now! Come by in a few more months and we’ll share some recipes!




Sarah finished up with watering this bed, a good practice after a fresh planting to get those little babies on their way.



So that is the “Pizza Bed” full of basil, tomatoes and peppers. YUM! These three crops grow really well together and we look forward to many delicious pizzas and more!



Jon helped us out by mulching around a lot of our new and delicate plants. This helps to protect them from the elements, retain moisture and prevent weeds!



We also planted some potatoes. As you can see here, they grow in trenches. As the grow, we take the soil from the pile in the middle and make a mound around the plants, and they keep casting roots as they grow. Eventually there will be some potatoes in there too. Continuing with our Peruvian theme, our potatoes include Peruvian purple potatoes! Never had them? They are REALLY purple!



In this bed we got some cukes and some carrots. As of now they are doing well and going strong. Wish us luck on the carrots, we’ve had difficulty with them in the past because of the clay-like soil here which packs them in too much. Hopefully this year there will be more carrots that survive! And there’s Ann, preparing the beds for the plants, getting rid of those unhelpful weeds.




So that was our May work day, despite the late update. Stay tuned for a photo update on plant growth so far!



Ommigod. FRUIT!

So. We spent a wonderful afternoon on Sunday’s Earth Day weeding and mulching. Alexandra will write up a fuller post on it, but here’s a great shot of the workers working,

and another shot of strawberry/blackberry bed fully mulched.

But today I want to talk about fruit. FRUIT. We got some! Not just grapes and berries (which came on strong the second year, not so great the third year, and this fourth year, are again strong — thanks to addition of rock dust),

Grapes, so tiny! This cluster is about the size of one of the digits on my little finger.

Blackberry buds. Can you see 'em?

Strawberries, still whitish, but large! (Only the second year for the strawberries)

but peaches, apples and pears!

I had noticed that these little trees, after four years, finally had some flowers on them this spring, but not until today did I actually notice that they now have fruit!

Me, with apples. (I THINK they're apples!)

Peaches. (They're fuzzy.)

Pear. (I think it's the only one on the tree!)

Plus, some little berry buds on some kind of bush, not sure what it is, but it was the very first thing we planted in the very first permaculture workshop that we held, back in 2009, and I had wondered if it would ever produce.


On the other hand, the seedlings are still gathering sun, awaiting transplanting.

I’ve had to cover them one night in the last week, since temps dropped into the mid-30s. But since then they’ve been okay. However, the way they are situated now, they only get sun after 1 p.m. About six hours total a day. Barely enough. And they are pale, need more nitrogen.

So it goes, as the magical GANG garden ramps up its activity, freeing the abundance of Nature year after year, fuller and fuller, as permaculture gardens are designed to be. Eventually, this place should look like a jungle, with stacked stuff to eat everywhere, and a natural magnetic draw for gathering neighbors into community. Blessings!

BTW: the fish are doing swimmingly, despite (because of?) the purgation of twelve days ago. About a dozen in there now, and I’m expecting little ones soon. Frogs are hopping and honking. All is well.