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Thursday Work Party, April 11 [Photo Set]

Thursday saw a beautiful morning with very mild weather. Perfect conditions for getting some food in the ground! Many of the flats we planted, if not all of them, began from seed in the greenhouse as early as January.  After last week’s ‘hardening’, most are now ready for their new homes after a bit of weeding and soil turning with the broad fork.

Dan, Alex, Solan and Max visiting


Solan [above] and Justin [below] planting lettuce


Thursday was also the first work party for Rebecca since she returned from her camping trip out west. We’re elated to have her back with us, as well as Hank and Amos!


IMG_1598 copy

Max gets into the cat mint and stalks Hank

Dan takes seasoned bales away from the fig tree to line up near the fence. I may be experimenting with some straw bale planting, if we don’t need them for mulch.

L to R: Dan moves bales, Rebecca and Andreas prepare the bed for planting

At Overhill House, Ann begins planting gladiolas, while Shadow oversees

Some of the beautiful pansies and flora that grace the front of Overhill House.



IMG_1606 copy

It felt great to get our hands in the dirt and work together on a fine spring day. The breeze picked up which brought a nice cooling respite from the sun.  I headed to DeKist 2 to help Solan and Dan plant beds with bush beans and lettuce while listening to some great tunes. Our early peas weren’t too happy in the raised bed, so Solan made the call: We’ll have more beets!


Photography by Gabrielle, Outreach Coordinator for Green Acres

Thursday Work Party 04/04 [Photo Set]


Andreas welcomes Ann home from her trip west


Ann addresses the work group about her experiences at convention [read more about her trip on exopermaculture.com!]


Justin waters plants



Daisy’s flower babies!



Dan and Shadow


Alex creates our task list for hardening the plant starts this week

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time to start ‘hardening’ the plant starts. Solan explained that all the plants in the greenhouse have been babied and must be put outside on different rotation times throughout the week to get them ‘hardened’ to exposure to wind, rain, heat, etc.

Daisy, Justin, Alex and Andreas start new herb seeds now that there is more room on the heating pad table. Dill, parsley, oregano, chive to name a few!

While the rest of the crew were planting herbs in the greenhouse, Dan, Solan and I head outside to plant the first two beds of potatoes. Dan checked the soil temperature before turning it with the broadfork. Solan spread bone meal while Dan proceeded to make some divots for each potato start. It was time to put my phone down and get my hands in some rich, dark dirt!