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Thursday Work Party, May 2 [Photos]

Thursday arrived with a bang — literally! I walked around the property before heading to the greenhouse, to get some photos of the blooming flowers before the rain and thunderstorms arrived, much to the chagrin of the pups…

There’s nothing quite like the smell after a good rain. I find everything much richer with color as well!


After putting the good camera out of the rain, I took out the phone to snap more. I found Ann busy trimming the overgrowth in front of Maple house, to create a clear path to access the main garden.


Some of the plants are hardened and ready to plant — and sell — soon!


Justin and Dan discuss hunting and fishing while potting up broccoli and kale starts.


Alex cuddles with Hank, who did okay with the thunder. Amos wasn’t as consolable.


L to R: Rebecca, Justin and Alex. We talked about music but voted to listen instead to the rain on the greenhouse roof, which was its own beautiful music. More music to our ears? The new baby chicks chirping!


Love and rocket stoves,

Thursday Work Party, April 25 [Photo Set]

Another rainy and overcast Thursday morning at Green Acres — but there was no complaining! The main task was to meet to build compost in the main garden, while Rebecca started some seeds in the greenhouse to go into the garden towers.

But first, Ann and Rebecca decide on the front bed at DeKist 2 to plant the berry bushes we have. [These photos reminding me I better get out and harvest some mint before it takes over!]

Solan and Alex weed the front of Maple house gardens.

Dan inspecting the garden on the left and assisting Justin with the compost before the turning begins.


Meanwhile, Rebecca is back in the greenhouse — starting greens — with Hank overseeing


After spreading some seasoned bale straw in the main garden, I took the tomato plants out to harden them before preparing our house for a great turn out for community dinner in the evening!  I couldn’t help but notice newspaper headlines being put to their best possible use…