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GREEN ACRES VILLAGE, Aug 22-26, part 2: work! work! work! (fun! fun! fun!)

I continue to be amazed at how much I enjoy our twice-weekly morning work parties. Around 10 AM Charisse texts everybody: “We will meet at this house,” or “we will meet on the patio,” or we will meet in the main garden,” etc. We straggle out from then until 10:30, prepared to do an hour…

via GREEN ACRES VILLAGE, Aug 22-26, part 2: work! work! work! (fun! fun! fun!)

Monday Work Party, August 12 [Photo set]

This past Monday’s work day was a short one but a lot of mulching was accomplished on the corner of DeKist and Overhill. Ann got started early while many of us were still getting our shoes on! It was a humid August morning, though unusually cool.

One of many lovely sunflowers to grace Green Acres, thanks to our aptly named housemate, Daisy. She planted many throughout our gardens and common areas and they are cheerful additions, just like her!

Andreas joins Ann and gets instructions on what the morning’s goals are for the corner, outside the fence of the main garden. You can see many weeds on the road, ready to be hauled away.

Surprise lilies [also known as resurrection lilies or naked ladies] look stunning against the dark purples and greens of the perilla growing along the outside of the garden fence on DeKist Street.

Camden [R] joins Andreas to get instructions for where to lay the newspaper and wood chips. This is where I put the camera away to help remove pulled weeds and wheelbarrow mulch to the corner.

After several wheelbarrow loads, another ‘surprise’ was found amongst the wood chips…

Andreas spotted the baby bunny and picked it up. We believe there must have been a rabbit hutch inside the wood chip pile which unfortunately got disturbed as we were shoveling.

I made several attempts to place our friend near the mulch pile, hoping its mama would come looking for it. The little critter kept jumping back in my hand! Concerned, I placed him in a box with a warm shirt and looked up instructions on what to do. I was told to place the box near where it was found for 4 hours!

That simply wasn’t an option with the many cats in the neighborhood, including our ace mouser, Max. I opted instead to call a local wildlife care facility and was instructed to bring the baby bunny in for rearing. Daisy and I delivered the fur baby safely to the big-hearted, all volunteer staff at Wild Care, Inc. I can’t recommend them enough and would encourage everyone donate toward their efforts! Find out more about them, learn how you can help wild critters and donate here: http://wildcareinc.org/

After our good deed for the day, I tagged along with Daisy while she did her grocery shopping. I was noticing how expensive some items are that are really unnecessary [I agree with my friend Max at Wake Up News, who has words about cold brew coffee — just plain silly!] I didn’t spend a dime at the store myself — I decided to do a little shopping right outside our door:

Three tomato varieties, Yukon gold potatoes, red onions and green peppers. YUM! The next big harvest: beans, beans and more beans! Until next time…

Love and rocket stoves,