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Life in Green Acres Village during CV Lockdown

Only one thing has decidedly changed: No more Thursday Community Dinners for the duration, since they inevitably draw way more than ten people. Otherwise, for we who are more in tune with nature than with the existing culture, not much changes here; or I should say, whatever massive, ongoing changes occur in the “outside world,”…

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September Work Party Slideshows!

It has been an incredibly busy few months, with the work parties [and dinners] blazing past us so quickly, that we decided to share all the work party/dinner photos as slideshows to catch us up to mid-October. You can hover over the photos for descriptions. Thanks everyone!

Friday, September 13th

Monday, September 17th

IU Students, Sunday, September 22nd

Autumn Equinox Brings Changes at Green Acres

Change is happening everywhere for everyone it seems! I promised announcements, though many of our neighbors and friends are already ‘in the know’, it’s time to break down the big shifts that occurred here at Green Acres Permaculture Village.

These shifts haven’t been easy for everyone. Sometimes change is scary and we often do our best to avoid change — even if planned well in advance and yes, even if it is something we wished to happen.

That being said, I feel that challenging times can also be viewed as new beginnings.


‘Welcome home’ brunch, courtesy of Daisy. Returning from my last pet sitting gig.

I’ve been playing ‘musical rooms’ here since August. I returned from a three-month long pet sitting job at the beginning of August, and moved into the larger room next to my old one in DeKist 2 house. That made the smaller room available to another pod mate, Chris.

Some time after a few meetings and discussions, Charisse decided she wanted to move into the back bedroom at DeKist 2 house. She’s been eyeballing that space since they first got the house! Andreas was open to moving into the room I was inhabiting.

Once it was green-lighted, it was decided that I would run an AirBnB out of Maple House. I would move into Solan and Daisy’s old room after they left for Colorado on September 1st [and only after a great evening of raucous fun at karaoke!]

But first — Charisse landed this sweet couch for DeKist 2 house in mid-August. It’s insanely cool and very, very cozy. [Roommate Scholtie approves.]



Solan & Daisy’s old room [but new to me]


My room didn’t stay like this long. It has since been stacked with extra furniture, shelves, CD’s, books, clothes, an extra desk and a myriad of other items I moved over and also accepted as gifts for use for the AirBnB. It has acted as a holding area for many things in transition. It turned out many of our friends were also experiencing transitions of their own.

Every door that closes another one opens. Sound so cliché, doesn’t it? It’s quite true! In between the daily work, dinners, small dramas and sometimes large ones — things began to finally fall into place … with help and whole lotta practice in patience.

Suffice it to say, both houses on DeKist Street will look decidedly different as we take turns hosting dinners indoors as the cool weather is upon us once more. [And sometimes we’ll have an additional guest joining us from the AirBnB!]

Here’s a few before/after photos of the outward transitions occurring since September:

I’ve moved into a new space, with a new roommate. Charisse has moved into a new space after being here 7 years. Andreas has a new room and several new roommates, as does Scholtie, with furry friends Amos, Hank and Max added to the mix. The critters may take awhile longer than us to get used to the new changes!

Our AirBnB guests? They may never know how much we’ve all learned about each other, and ultimately ourselves in this process. Last night’s dinner blessing from Jim said more than I could hope to convey about what makes this place so special. I can’t imagine a better ‘place to be.’

It’s been a wild Autumn equinox. In closing, I’m reminded that it began with a quiet ceremony with manoomin rice to thank the founder of our feast, Saint Jeff.

Gratitude is important in every process. This one has left me exhausted, but also inspired and incredibly humbled. This is my tribe. Miigwech.

Love and rocket stoves,

P.S.: Come and see us at Maple House [more updates to come!]
Unique Private Room in Permaculture Village by IU


GREEN ACRES VILLAGE, Aug 22-26, part 2: work! work! work! (fun! fun! fun!)

I continue to be amazed at how much I enjoy our twice-weekly morning work parties. Around 10 AM Charisse texts everybody: “We will meet at this house,” or “we will meet on the patio,” or we will meet in the main garden,” etc. We straggle out from then until 10:30, prepared to do an hour…

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Green Acres Village: Thursday, August 8, first of two posts: OUTDOOR KITCHEN WORK PARTY

IMG_1890 copy

More and more, our one to two hour Monday and Thursday morning work parties focus on accomplishing a single task, quickly and efficiently, with Charisse (Rebecca) in the lead, both deciding the project and directing the process. About 9:45 AM we all get a text, announcing that day’s project and where to meet at 10…

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