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Work Parties, Community Dinners 9/5 – 9/12

It has been an exceptionally busy first half of September. Ann left to attend The Crone Council in Arizona, returning on the 9th and Charisse left the same week to visit Oregon, having just arrived back today!

I’d taken on Charisse’s duties as garden manager, keeping the work parties on schedule, with a list of things that we could be working on while in her absence and tending to watering schedules and the chickens.

First came the duties with setting up for Thursday dinner, on Sept. 5th. Thankfully, our wonderful friend, Marita was here to watch critters for Charisse and was also a huge help with daily chores as well!


Marita pouring wine for the guests as they started through the line.


The usual gang was here and we were surprised by another visit from Bob who brought his friend and gardener, Jake.

Not many photos were taken that evening’s dinner, but a feast was had! [Unfortunately, the mosquitos also had one. Even with such little rain, they find a way to endure.]

Friday morning’s work party [9/6] started in the back garden, where I gave each podmate a specific weed to choose to pull. Their task: pull one whenever you see one, not just that morning. Podmate Chris mentioned that he pulls weeds when he walks to work and back, which is a good habit we should all have!

Weed pulling in front of DeKist 2 [FYI: it is now called Harmony House!], started with morning glories, smart weed and other grasses. While there, we also harvested lovely honeybee yellow cherry toms and okra, which has been coming in like gangbusters!



Marita told me she’d never cooked okra until she came to stay with us, which is great because I’ve never cooked it myself! Some of the okra was simply too large and woody to cut and eat, so the chickens enjoyed the larger okra harvest.


You can see the large okra on the right in front of the smaller in the basket. Today was also the day we learned [a little late] to always wear gloves when harvesting okra. Poor Andreas ended up with a prickly between his nail and cuticle which swelled before a piano performance! Luckily, we were able to lance it before it got worse.



Beautiful okra blossoms are still coming in this week and another harvest is due!

Fast forward to Monday, 9/9 when our big focus was WATER, WATER, WATER! We had expected a decent chance of rain on that Friday before but it was a no-show. Each garden got a decent soaking, as we continued to pull weeds. I set out to make sure the sprinkler got a workout at each house.

First the bean and pepper patch:


Marita watered the lovely flowers on the back patio, as well as the squash tunnel!


After watering, we knocked out the drainage area of weeds, grass and additional mulch that had built up — preparing the path for a future rain storm.



Thursday dinner night, 9/12 at Overhill House. Ann has arrived back and Mariella has provided us with some photos. Thank you, Mariella! Ann described her trip to Crones Council, and gave a short performance of her birthday song at Crone Follies. This was also the first evening we welcomed new service learning students from IU this fall and we had a visit from a lovely woman named Coral who reached out to us months ago and decided to stop in for dinner! She brought a desert made with pears from her yard and organic honey. Coral joined us the next morning for work party.



Ann gave the garden tour to the students, while the rest of us chatted on the patio. I announced that dinner was ready to eat — bypassing a blessing this time, since it was almost 20 after 7pm and folks were hungry! Our friend Jim’s parents were in town visiting from Pennsylvania and they came to dinner with homemade sloppy joes, which Jim countered with vegan sloppy joes!

Plenty of phenomenal desserts, one from a Pennsylvania bakery made with prunes and poppyseed. Unsure of the name but while it wasn’t pronounceable — was certainly delicious!



Ann will share a post about our Friday the 13th Work Party: More watering!


On a personal note, yesterday’s work party was kind of a bust as I was waylaid by a migraine and not much help in the ‘work’ department. I have to thank Ann for her Florence Nightingale nursing streak, as I was able to eat a decent meal — and Marita again saved the day, with watering and chicken care.

After a good rest, I’m feeling grateful to have such great friends, neighbors and fellow pod mates who love this place and want to see it thrive. That’s what growing community means to me = teamwork. It makes the dream work!

Big news, moves and changes are coming this fall that I’m excited to share soon! Until next time…

Love and rocket stoves,

GREEN ACRES VILLAGE, Aug 22-26, part 2: work! work! work! (fun! fun! fun!)

I continue to be amazed at how much I enjoy our twice-weekly morning work parties. Around 10 AM Charisse texts everybody: “We will meet at this house,” or “we will meet on the patio,” or we will meet in the main garden,” etc. We straggle out from then until 10:30, prepared to do an hour…

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Green Acres Village, August 15-22: Community Dinner, Work and other Pod Parties, Animal news, plus: the rewards of “going out on a limb”

So much, too much, so much! Between Thursday community dinners, twice weekly work parties, special pod-only events, including movie nights and a brunch to welcome back Alex who was gone for the summer, figuring out an actual budget (first time ever!), on and on . . . we are truly beginning to “take it to the next level”…

via Green Acres Village, August 15-22: Community Dinner, Work and other Pod Parties, Animal news, plus: the rewards of “going out on a limb”

Monday Work Party, August 12 [Photo set]

This past Monday’s work day was a short one but a lot of mulching was accomplished on the corner of DeKist and Overhill. Ann got started early while many of us were still getting our shoes on! It was a humid August morning, though unusually cool.

One of many lovely sunflowers to grace Green Acres, thanks to our aptly named housemate, Daisy. She planted many throughout our gardens and common areas and they are cheerful additions, just like her!

Andreas joins Ann and gets instructions on what the morning’s goals are for the corner, outside the fence of the main garden. You can see many weeds on the road, ready to be hauled away.

Surprise lilies [also known as resurrection lilies or naked ladies] look stunning against the dark purples and greens of the perilla growing along the outside of the garden fence on DeKist Street.

Camden [R] joins Andreas to get instructions for where to lay the newspaper and wood chips. This is where I put the camera away to help remove pulled weeds and wheelbarrow mulch to the corner.

After several wheelbarrow loads, another ‘surprise’ was found amongst the wood chips…

Andreas spotted the baby bunny and picked it up. We believe there must have been a rabbit hutch inside the wood chip pile which unfortunately got disturbed as we were shoveling.

I made several attempts to place our friend near the mulch pile, hoping its mama would come looking for it. The little critter kept jumping back in my hand! Concerned, I placed him in a box with a warm shirt and looked up instructions on what to do. I was told to place the box near where it was found for 4 hours!

That simply wasn’t an option with the many cats in the neighborhood, including our ace mouser, Max. I opted instead to call a local wildlife care facility and was instructed to bring the baby bunny in for rearing. Daisy and I delivered the fur baby safely to the big-hearted, all volunteer staff at Wild Care, Inc. I can’t recommend them enough and would encourage everyone donate toward their efforts! Find out more about them, learn how you can help wild critters and donate here: http://wildcareinc.org/

After our good deed for the day, I tagged along with Daisy while she did her grocery shopping. I was noticing how expensive some items are that are really unnecessary [I agree with my friend Max at Wake Up News, who has words about cold brew coffee — just plain silly!] I didn’t spend a dime at the store myself — I decided to do a little shopping right outside our door:

Three tomato varieties, Yukon gold potatoes, red onions and green peppers. YUM! The next big harvest: beans, beans and more beans! Until next time…

Love and rocket stoves,

Green Acres Village: Thursday, August 8, first of two posts: OUTDOOR KITCHEN WORK PARTY

IMG_1890 copy

More and more, our one to two hour Monday and Thursday morning work parties focus on accomplishing a single task, quickly and efficiently, with Charisse (Rebecca) in the lead, both deciding the project and directing the process. About 9:45 AM we all get a text, announcing that day’s project and where to meet at 10…

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