Thursday Work Party, May 30 [Photo Set]

aIMG_1838 copy

L to R: Dan, Justin, Andreas, Rebecca and Alex

Thursday’s work party found us all in back of DeKist 2 house, clearing weeds and making room for a new fence for the expanded chicken run. The new chicks grew so quickly and so did the weeds with all the rain we’ve had!

It’s almost time to introduce the chicks to their new home and the older hens in the coop.

aIMG_1839 copy

Ann was in rare form, having just returned from a Sufi retreat in the Ozarks. She’s holding jewel weed she pulled to clear a line for fence posts. I learned that jewel weed keeps poison ivy from growing — or at least getting too big to manage.

aIMG_1840 copy

Established fence post on the right. More posts went up along a line to the right side of the tree at the back fence — after clearing some overgrowth!

The only plants left behind were the berry bushes and lemon balm. The lemon balm came in handy later at community dinner as a mosquito repellant!

aIMG_1842 copy

L to R: Dan and Justin, hard at work!

aIMG_1844 copy

OOPS! Andreas holding a broken pitchfork after battling with a very old and established root ball — which eventually came free with a shovel.


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