Action in the Garden

A photo update of the work taking place around the garden.

We hope you come and get involved.  Next work day: EARTH DAY, April 22nd from 2-5 pm !!

Spring is sprung. The garden in its weeded glory.

Seedling power! Stephanie and Alexandra planted some seedlings over Spring Break… and within days they were popping up like champs!



This eggplant jumped up right away and needed to be re-planted into bigger containers!




Compost here! We got a lot of help from the neighborhood, including Jim making these awesome compost bins! THANKS!!! Now, we need all of your compost, grass clippings, coffee grounds, etc!











Mmmmmmmanure! Thanks to Steve Headley and his horses for this wonderful natural fertilizer! (FYI – his farm is on Mt. Gilead Road in Bloomington for others who might benefit from using this manure on their gardens). We will be spreading the manure over the beds to get them chock full of vitamins and minerals for healthy plants!




Weeding… a necessary evil. Thanks to all who pulled weeds to get GANG ready for yummy plants!







Yes, Shadow absolutely helps, too!









Ann is excited for the brambling blackberries and raspberries!





Ahhhh, planting. Steph and Sarah had some fun planting beans and peas along the perimeter (they’ll grow up the fence) and around the teepee (another good structure for their vines to climb up).

Hope to see you soon at the GANG!