Green Acres Village, June 12, 2022: Plumbing Our Own and Nature’s Depths

I continue to be amazed at how many permaculturists — even permaculture teachers! — took the jab. Don’t they realize that their own body is an ecosystem? Do they pour Monsanto on their gardens to get rid of a pest? No. They introduce elements in their garden that will help it become more resilient to outside forces.

Let us, as permaculturists, recognize first personal permaculture, sensing our own body as a brilliant outgrowth of Mother Nature, with an immune system that, unless eroded or destroyed, protects us from outside forces. Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., known for his permacultural discussion of the human biome, is someone I have learned much from during the past two years. See this interview with Del Bigtree.

I wonder if the fact that the jabbed-or-not controversy is still simmering, but unremarked, in this town (half of us who live in Green Acres Village are jabbed, half not) has something to do with the fact that our Community Dinners started out so sparsely in April after a four month hiatus. On the other hand, several of last Thursday’s dinner participants went out of their way to tell me they very much enjoyed our conversation. As time goes on, we reach below the surface, more and more, eager to share, learn and enjoy stories from each others’ lives that teach us what is and is not real. 

At the Dinner a week ago, five women huddled in intimate conversation. This week twice as many, and all but two were men! Here’s the single photo I was able to get before my ipad ran out of energy. (Dan and Daniel, though present, are both missing from this photo.)

BTW: speaking of low numbers, Green Acres Permaculture Village now has three openings, to be filled by August 1. If you or anyone you know is interested, then if at all possible, start attending our community dinners so that we can get to know each other.

Here’s the message I put out five days ago on facebook. A number of people have signaled interest, and unfortunately, We’ve already had to say “not a good fit” to four of them. Interviews ongoing. 

Here are a few more current photos, of our “tiny paradise.”


Entrance to back patio where dinners are held, unless it rains.


Both slugs and cabbage moths are trying to get the cabbages. Beer in little cans for the slugs. Or banana peel. Diotomacious earth for the moths. This year, for the first time, the cabbages actually appear to be making heads!


Joseph strung up the peas during Friday’s work party.


Looking southwest from Overhill front porch. But then, turn around and . . .


. . . the 12-foot yurt for the back yard sits in its packing, awaiting the building of the platform.


Finally, though the following two posts don’t address the community aspects of our “tiny paradise” in the middle of a suburb — after all, our motto is, “growing community from the ground up”! — the “ground” part is very much up front and calling us to attention, given the rising costs of especially food and energy, which threaten to decimate our society. As transportation becomes more and more expensive, so will food have more and more to be sourced locally. All the horrors that threaten us now are necessary first steps to transforming our way of life on planet earth. 

The contrast could not be more glaring:

The Food Storage Solution in Your Own Backyard

Pouring Poison and Planting Seeds of Dependency: Big Agriculture Destroys Organic Farming

Plus, a meditation on the loss, and rekindling, of our original connection to the land. 

Where the Horses Sing

Caution, in reference to this beautiful, nostalgic, and yet invigorating essay:  I think we must be very cautious when we talk about “climate change,” given that it is one of the main issues being used to bring in the Great Reset and New World Order, both of which promise to clamp down both humans and the Earth herself into a transhumanist technocratic nightmare where the algorithm rules over all. 

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