Late November 2022: YES! . . . DARN! . . .

Mid-November this year was similar to other years . . . grateful for greens still growing in the main garden despite below freezing overnight temps. This haul, on November 17, which I fried up with onions and dusted with nutritional yeast for that evening’s weekly Community Dinner, included arugula, kale, and collards, all underneath the radishes.

But then, over the past three days, the Garden Towers on the back porch at the Overhill House stopped producing salad greens. Today, the scene out there is positively pathetic. Time to defrock the GTs and feed the remains to the chickens.

Just checked the main garden. The arugula and collards are past saving, radishes are iffy, but both both curly kale and siberian kale are flourishing. 



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