Mid-March: The Quickening

Well, yes, it’s going to get down into the 30s again tonight, and later this afternoon rain is promised (again, yet again), BUT this dear morning was glorious, and for a few days now, rain or shine or blustery wind, the daffodils have been blooming.

Late last week, Rebecca planted the mustard greens, first planting of the new season.

Lee, a Woofer who was here overnight and worked very hard both days, helped prepare the bed, and uprooted a huge plant that has outlived its usefulness. (Can’t remember its name.)

Meanwhile, John worked in the greenhouse, with seedlings,

and Dan sawed off a couple of logs for the little fireplace that we still need in the greenhouse, on cold nights.


Thursday evening, last week, no “Community Dinner,” instead a dinner for  “just us,” those who live here, plus Woofer Lee, on the right.

This morning, I came back from taking my car to get an oil change (and walking with Shadow while waiting, six miles!), and to my surprise, I see this, in the back, the removal of all but two of the Garden Towers from the small greenhouse, in prep for planting. Great coordination, folks. Great heave-ho, though actually, it was “one two three” up and “one to three” down, thanks to Nathan’s chant (he’s the one in skirt and barefeet . . .).

Meanwhile, even as spring quickens, I’m still more likely to be planted in “my” chair with ipad, and, in a rare moment, both dogs on lap! Quick Dan, take a picture!

We will be holding a private “rooting” ceremony for Nathan on the evening of the actual Equinox, tomorrow, March 20, and a community Equinox Ceremony after Thursday’s Community Dinner, symbolically realized by planting one of the Towers, and hopefully, enjoying our first outside fire of the new year.

Then, after dinner Thursday the following week,  Salsa Dancing lesson, thanks to Mariella!

Notice the diversity of sharings and engagement, just in this one post! I am reminded of the shortest version of our new description of Green Acres Village:

GREEN ACRES PERMACULTURE VILLAGE is a small, retrofit, intergenerational intentional community in a core suburban college town neighborhood that integrates self-knowledge and expression with a shared culture among humans and the living Earth to encourage abundance on every level.


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